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欢迎来到 VHCC图书馆

我们的图书馆为学生和社区提供一流的教育和研究资源. Located on the first floor of the LRC Building, our library features group and quiet study areas, 公用电脑, 免费打印, 和工作人员 ready to assist you.

VHCC图书馆工作人员很高兴为您连接到我们为学生提供的图书馆资源和服务. Should you ever need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


VHCC图书馆位于LRC 121学习资源中心(LRC)大楼的底层. LRC大楼是一个很大的, two story brick building that houses the Keyser Theater, 测试中心, MARC和IT帮助台. 进入图书馆的通道位于一楼洗手间和IT服务台之间. 


The library is a great place for solo and group study! Check out our space to find the perfect work area to meet your needs. Group study tables are located at the front of the library. 安静的学习区域位于图书馆的后面和周边的墙壁. 


There are computers available in the library for public use. 如果你喜欢携带个人设备,整个图书馆都有WiFi.


我们的图书馆有20000多件馆藏,以及成千上万的在线资源. To search our resources, both physical and electronic, use the 快速搜索工具, or visit us on campus to browse. 我们的 staff is happy to help you navigate our print and digital collection. 


Use your VHCC ID to borrow items from our collection. Most physical items have a loan period of fourteen (14) days. 参考书, 期刊, and reserved items cannot be checked out, but can be used in the library. 我们的 print materials are organized by the 图书馆 of Congress Classification 计划. Let our staff know if you need help navigating the collection!


图书馆资料可以24/7从停车场归还到位于LRC大楼入口处的图书馆图书寄存处. 你也可以在图书馆工作时间到借书台还书. Overdue items will not incur fines. 然而, 如果书没有归还, 它们将被视为丢失, and you will be responsible for the replacement costs. You can call our staff or fill out the 更新项目 form to request an item renewal.


学生, 教职员工可以使用myVHCC登录登录校内和校外的在线数据库和期刊. 查看我们的虚拟研究中心标签,探索我们的数字资源. 


There are PCs available for public use. 如果你喜欢携带个人设备,整个图书馆都有WiFi.


图书馆有一台打印机供学生使用,只能打印黑白. 我们的 copier machine can make color copies, scan, and fax. 

Research and Learning 支持

图书馆工作人员可以帮助你找到你的研究或学术目标的信息或资源. Contact us for assistance or use 图书馆Answers to submit a research question. We can provide 1-on-1 research help in-person or via zoom. 


The VHCC 图书馆 processes requests for student IDs. If you need an ID, fill out the 学生证网页表格. 图书馆 staff will mail you your card once we have processed the request.


If you need a book or article that is not in our collection, 你可以通过馆际互借的方式向其他图书馆借阅。. 填写我们的 生病的形式 提出你的要求. 一定要提前计划,因为收到一件东西可能需要两周的时间. Read more about our ILL process in the ILL dropdown menu below.


我们的 图书馆研究指南 (或libguides)是精心设计的,可以将您连接到基于特定主题和需求的有用信息和资源.

 Articles or Other Research Resources

使用下面的链接来搜索我们图书馆的资源和数据库. 如果您需要帮助为您的作业寻找资源,请tg反波胆足球平台寻求帮助.


你可以将你的图书馆或研究问题提交到LibAnswers的“Ask-a-Librarian”页面. The Submit a Question form and chat box will link you to library help. When using the Ask-a-Librarian chat service, 请注意,聊天馆员可能与VCCS或其他学术机构. Not all chat responders are VHCC librarians. 如果他们无法提供帮助,后续的门票将被发送给VHCC图书馆工作人员.


Resources for Nursing 学生

这个宝贵的资源提供全文超过550护理和相关卫生期刊索引在CINAHL数据库, many of which contain no embargo. 护士, 专职医疗人员, 研究人员, 护士教育工作者和学生认为这个数据库是一个重要的研究工具,提供全文覆盖可追溯到1981年. (EBSCO)

提供近550个学术全文期刊,重点关注许多医学学科. 健康来源:护理/学术版还设有Lexi-PAL药物指南, 涵盖了1个,300 generic drug patient education sheets with more than 4,700个品牌名称. (专文)

Full-text collection of 15 nursing, 药理学, and clinical medicine e-books published by Lippincott Williams & 威尔金斯.

提供内容涵盖所有领域的健康和保健,从主流医学到许多观点的补充, holistic and integrated medicine. 这个全文数据库涵盖了衰老、癌症、糖尿病、药物等主题 & 酒精,健身,营养 & dietetics, children's health, men & 妇女健康等. (专文)

提供包括医学科学在内的许多健康主题的消费者健康信息, 食品科学与营养学, 照顾孩子, sports medicine and general health. 健康来源:消费者版提供近80全文消费者健康杂志. (专文)

AHFS消费者用药信息是患者用药信息的可靠来源和公认标准, available in both English and Spanish, published by the American Society of 健康-System Pharmacists. Features: drug information written in lay language for consumers; Spanish version translated by experienced human health and medical translators (not by computer programs); monthly updates; “How To” monographs for administering different types of medications such as eye drops and inhalers; identifies medications that have the potential for adverse events when used by elderly patients. (EBSCO)

Does the VHCC library not carry the book or article you need? 没有问题! Request books or articles not available in VHCC collections with our 生病的形式.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are available to current students, 教师, 和工作人员 of Virginia Highlands Community College. 材料的可用性取决于借阅图书馆,通常需要 最少5天 to receive the requested item. Some ILL requests cannot be met by other libraries. 


  • 您必须是VHCC的学生,教师或工作人员才能通过馆际互借请求项目.  Community members are referred to their local public library.
  • Requests must be for college-related research
  • Borrowers are limited to five (5) ILL titles at one time. Additional requests may not be made until the five items are returned.
  • 不允许要求提供教科书或任何课程所需的文本.
  • If a book is damaged or lost while on loan, the requestor is responsible for the fee charged by the lending library.
  • 借阅者的图书馆帐户必须完好,方可申请借阅证.

The VHCC 图书馆 hosts events and programs throughout the academic year. 留意校园周围信息屏上的图书馆活动广告, 斯托尔街日报, 还有活动板传单. You can also ask our staff about upcoming events!


在与 艺术的数组, 图书馆空间的特点是一个旋转的艺术画廊墙,为我们的学生和社区提供一个充满活力的空间. 图书馆致力于展示我们学生的创造性才能, 社区的艺术家, 和工作人员. 全年,你可以找到各种各样的艺术作品,反映了我们社会的不同声音和观点. 艺术阵列偶尔会在图书馆空间举办艺术家讲座和研讨会, providing unique opportunities to engage with our local artists. 


你喜欢看书吗? 我们也是! 向我们的图书馆工作人员询问加入VHCC读书俱乐部,并与其他读者联系.


当治疗犬访问我们的图书馆时,请关注您的学生电子邮件! In partnership with VHCC 学生服务, these therapy dog visits are the perfect way to destress during the day.


VHCC图书馆在整个学期举办各种各样的活动——从黑色诗歌和宠物比赛到教学教程和图书卡注册. Make sure to keep an eye out for what’s going on in the library!

Monday-Thursday: 8 am-7pm
星期五: 8 am-5pm

*The library adheres to VHCC campus closures. Sign up to receive closure alerts with VHCC警报

(276) 739-2542  |  VH-图书馆@simonecapostagno.com


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