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Phil Station Food Pantry

Phil Station Food Pantry

A Campus that Cares

Location: MEC room 106
Hours: M-Th: 8am-8pm; Friday and Saturday: 8am-5pm

The Phil Station Food Pantry opened in January 2020 in response to the increasing prevalence of food insecurity among college students. VHCC is a campus that cares about its students, and we want to provide students with resources that will support their educational journey and remove obstacles to degree completion. We are proud to be able to care for our students in such a meaningful way.

Since opening, the Phil Station Food Pantry has provided groceries, personal hygiene, and infant care items to hundreds of students. However, hunger on campus has continued to rise and is a problematic trend facing many of our students at VHCC and other colleges. In addition to lasting, long-term effects on a student’s health and well-being, food insecurity also impacts retention and timely degree or certification completion. Simply put, students cannot thrive if their basic needs are not being met. Join us as we raise money to ensure all students have access to resources that support their success.

Phil Ferguson

Phil Ferguson, March 2, 1983 - January 15, 2018, filled his 34 years with service to others and with creative output far beyond his years. At this young age, he managed to have achieved legendary status among the many he served in the mountains and valleys of Southwest Virginia, the land he loved. He was a beloved, iconic professor, a devoted husband, son, brother, and friend, and his service to others was inexhaustible. His quirky sense of humor and brilliant, humble mind served VHCC incalculably, but the Arts Array, the HOWL literary journal, the Wolf Grounds Coffee Shop, Creative Writing Day, and the VHCC’s Got Talent! show skim the surface of his contributions. His fingerprints are all over our campus and community; Phil was among the best friends VHCC will ever have, and his memory lives on in this food bank. Not only would Phil approve of this effort to provide food for our VHCC community, but he would have been building and stocking shelves. Let’s do that for him and our students.

~Patricia Tymon, Professor of English, VHCC

Phil Station Assistance Request

The Phil Station provides assistance in the form of food and other essential items that are housed on campus. We also provide assistance in the form of gift cards for those in need of items not currently in the Phil Station or those with special dietary needs. Current VHCC students needing a quick meal or groceries may visit the MEC building - Room 106.

To request a gift card, fill out the form below. 

Things to remember when requesting assistance in the form of a gift card:
•    Must be a current VHCC student
•    Students in need of assistance will be required to fill out a Single Stop profile using this link and will be looked at on a case-by-case basis
•    Only one request per household will be filled per month with community resource information being provided to students
•    For On-Campus students – Gift cards must be picked up in the Campus Connection Center
•    For Online students – Gift cards will be mailed or can be picked up in the Campus Connection Center


Gift Card Pick Up Hours

Monday-Friday | 8am to 5pm


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that gift cards issued by the Phil Station at Virginia Highlands Community College are intended to be used only for food, toiletries and other grocery essentials. I will not to use these cards in any way that is inconsistent with the purposes and policies stated in this agreement.

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